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Extensively revised and updated for its Third Edition, this pocket-sized manual is written for students to use during rotations in PharmD programs. It provides a unique reference source for the introductory clerkship and is the only clinical clerkship manual designed specifically for pharmacy students. This manual eases the transition from classroom to experiential training and provides quick reference material needed for day-to-day clinical work. It helps students move from dispensing medicati...

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Clinical pharmacy comprises a set of functions that promote the safe, effective and economic use of medicines for individual patients. The emergence of clinical ...
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The following listings include a selection of websites with specific kinds of information such as current legislation, pharmacy practice resources, and other timely ...
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Há mais de 20 anos no setor médico e farmacêutico, procurando sempre disponibilizar ao profissional o que a bibliografia tem de melhor.
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MEDICAL BOOKS Clinical Guidelines, Manuals of Diagnosis and Treatment, Handbooks, Clinical Textbooks, Treatment ...
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